Ford Fusion Hybrid Maintenance in Everett

The Ford Fusion Hybrid, as the name suggests, has the engine attached to an electric motor for more fuel efficiency. The latest model introduces a new base S trim and some of the new features are heated steering wheel, ventilated front seats and inflatable rear seatbelts. This is a midsize sedan with a good number of safety features, offered at Epic Ford with additional Ford Fusion Hybrid Maintenance in Everett. Powertrain consists of a 2.0L, 4 cylinder engine that is combined with an electric motor. This motor is combined with a lithium battery pack and hence the fuel economy increases to an impressive 47 mpg. There are 3 trim levels available and these are S, SE and Titanium.

However any car does require regular maintenance and the Ford Fusion Hybrid is no exception. If you are looking for reliable Ford Fusion Hybrid Maintenance in Everett then the best place is the Epic Ford showroom.

Epic Ford serves as a one shop stop for all your Ford needs. The showroom has the biggest inventory of new and pre-used Ford cars, SUVs, trucks and minivans. It also provides auto loans with flexible repayment options and low interest rates. For repairs and maintenance you don’t have to go anywhere else as the showroom has a full-fledged maintenance department. The department employs state of the art tools and techniques to undertake any type of Ford Fusion Hybrid Maintenance in Everett. So if you have any problem such as worn out brakes, broken windshield, screeching noise when applying the brakes, etc then you know where to bring your car.

Apart from taking care of problems regular maintenance tasks are also undertaken and these include professional cleaning from inside and outside, checking of fluids, replacing old oil n engine and brakes, clutch adjustment, tire alignment, etc. All you have to do for Ford Fusion Hybrid Maintenance in Everett is to take an appointment by phone.

The dedicated customer service executive at Epic Ford will set a date and time for you. You can simply being your Ford Fusion Hybrid in the morning and take it back by evening. The technicians normally don’t take more than a day for regular maintenance tasks.