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canadian sales and service

The Sales Managers at Epic Ford are fully capable of handling New and Pre-owned vehicle purchases for passenger and commercial vehicles sold and delivered to Canadian residents.

New and Pre-owned vehicles purchased in Washington by Canadian residents for delivery in Canada have some unique challenges. But Epic Ford Managers are ready, willing and able to help you deal with them.

Common questions and concerns

  • Manufacturer warranty and service
  • Vehicle Tax, Title and Registration
  • New vehicle manufacturer rebate and incentive restrictions
  • Funding and Lender Finance protections
  • Cross Boarder Transportation and customs clearance

Vehicle Tax, Title and Registration
All vehicles purchased for delivery and use in the State of Washington are subject to local area sales taxes and registration fees. Vehicles purchased for delivery and use outside the State of Washington may be exempt from local area sales taxes and registration fees with acceptable photo identification, residency verification documents and a properly completed Buyer’s Affidavit, Washington State Trip Permit, Certificate of In-state Delivery, Buyer’s Certificate of Out-of-State Delivery and a shipper's Bill of lading. All potentially complicated and confusing, but with our help you'll get all the bases covered.

New Vehicle Manufacturer Rebates and Incentives
Whether they are commercial fleet incentives, retail rebates, special financing or special programs, all new vehicle manufacturer rebates and incentives are delivery location sensitive. Since all vehicle purchases are different we work to provide our customers with all the incentive programs and rebates they qualify for. But what's not restricted the level of service and the value of the discounts or deals we can offer.

Cross Border Transportation and Customs Clearance

Please read through the entire information packet provided by the Canadian Bureau of Customs & Border Protection Vehicle/ Equipment Outbound Team

9901 Pacific Highway Blaine, WA 98230. If you have more questions you can contact them by phone, fax or email. These Documents must be on file with Customs office for 3-business days prior to export!!

  1. U.S. Customs & Border Protection/NICB Vehicle/Equipment Export Worksheet
  2. Title/Certificate of Ownership which includes Salvage title, rebuilt title, or flood title.
  3. Bill of sale. This is the printed dealership Vehicle Buyers Order naming buyer and seller.

Manufacturer Warranty and Service
All new vehicle manufacturers have different time, mileage and component coverage warranties. Not all manufacturer warranties apply to Canadian purchased or delivered vehicles. By make and model we can advise you as to which vehicles may have warranty complications. We also need to make sure all recalls have been completed and that the vehicle has the necessary Canadian safety equipment.

Funding and Finance
We know that cross border payment and financing requires a higher level of cooperation and patience. We'll work with you or your lender to make this part of your purchase a smooth and seamless process. Our Fleet Sales Manager are your one point of contact from inception to delivery. You and your lender have only one person to deal with.

Contact Us

Vehicle/ Equipment Outbound
P: (360) 332-2632
F: (360) 332-2639

Export Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 3:30pm